Welcome to Verus Instruments, we are specialists in instruments for measuring moisture content in timber and timber based materials. We have been in the timber moisture measuring business for many years and supply moisture meters and accessories for measuring in wood and building materials from a small number of suppliers that we consider the most reliable and accurate. Stocks are carried of all products we list here and normally we despatch within 48 hours of order. Also stocked are a range of accessories for moisture meters.

On this site we have FAQs related to this subject and we are happy to be contacted by customers, individuals or companies who have further detailed questions. We support all our products with servicing and traceable calibration. Many of our customers consider our service to be second to none, don’t hesitate to ask if you are not sure of something.

If your company is in a formal quality scheme such as ISO 9000, TRADA QA or EPAL that requires it, we calibrate moisture meters and checkboxes to traceable standards. These are supplied with calibration certificates suitable for formal quality schemes such as ISO 9000.